about : the creative process
Step 1: Communication

The key to all our projects is communication. We start every project by asking our clients targeted questions [see project profiler] to understand how they do business and how they want their clients to interact with them.

If you don't already have a registered domain name (www.yourname.com), we will register one for you early on, to ensure that you'll have a good chance of getting the name you want.

Next, the major site areas are defined, and logical organization of them planned. Then a proposal is given to the client. Upon approval, an agreement is formed outlining the specifics of the project.

Step 2: Design and Development

Once the structure and general design ideas are agreed upon, we develop an initial homepage design. The initial design will incorporate our client's goals, which have been determined by earlier communication. Because we've taken the time to thoroughly explore the client's needs and wishes, the initial design is nearly always approved, usually with only minor modifications.

From this point, we extend the look and feel of the approved site design to the rest of the site.

Once the design is completed, the development of the project begins: from creating custom graphics, to coding and programming, and implementing any materials which may have been provided by the client. Throughout the process, you'll be kept in the loop and given many opportunities to try out the site and provide us with feedback.

Step 3: Fine Tuning and Launch

When the design and development of the project is complete, and all of the client's modifications have been applied, the site will be subject to extensive quality control and testing. Once the site passes all the tests, it will be submitted to the client for final approval. Upon approval, the site will be moved to your domain name and launched!